I’m Joelsuf. My actual name is Joel, but I was given the nickname “Joelsuf” by a bowling buddy of mine, and since I thought it was an upgrade from a previous nickname “Joelski” from other bowling buddies, I decided to stick with it.

I write in metaphor and analogy quite a bit. If my blog posts are difficult to understand, this may be why. Just keep this in mind as you navigate this blog.

I will be making updates to the aesthetics of this blog quite a bit, so it may not look the same on your next visit. But have no worries, the posts will generally remain the same.

I enjoy, in order of how obsessed I am, other than writing of course: video game speedrunning (finishing a game as fast as possible), bowling, blackjack, and weightlifting. This blog will contain materials related to those, including speedrun notes, bowling statistics, and weightlifting statistics. I absolutely love charting my progress when it comes to these things.

I will also publish advice pieces entitled “The Joelsuf Way.” In this series, I will give advice on a topic that I feel I can provide valuable advice on.

I will also publish advice pieces to myself entitled “Joelsuf’s Plans.” This series will give you a look at topics that intend to learn about, and will contain advice to myself that can also pass as advice to others.

This blog is also designed to help those who have had troubled pasts. The first thirty years of my life were absolute hell, all things considered. Anything bad that could have happened to a person more or less happened to me during that time. I personally have dealt with depression and self destructive thoughts for most of my teens and 20s, had a parent run out on me right before I turned 15, was assaulted by someone from my childhood a year after that at 16, was nearly expelled from high school at 18 for harassment, and my father passed away when I was 24. This blog will explore all of these topics and lessons that I have learned from them.

Fun fact: I wanted to call this “Just Keep Swimming” after the famous quote in the movie Finding Nemo, but as I expected, it was taken.

My childhood friend, Dan Bracewell, provides all the art you see on here. You can contact him at: bigreddan@hotmail.com