The more posts this blog has, the more I am realizing that I am using some specific terms that may be unfamiliar to certain viewers. So this page will define those terms.

The Mountain of Life = My metaphor for the process of learning new things, meeting new people, and dealing with success and failure of pretty much everything. You can climb this mountain whenever and however you like. There is no summit on this mountain, only ledges.

Harness = Any kindred spirit you encounter on the mountain of life. These include friends, family and lovers.

Ledge = A phase in the mountain of life where you settle down. School, certain jobs, and Marriage are all ledges. These are not permanent, and should never be relied on for long term satisfaction or happiness.

Tunnel of Pre-Mortem = My term for deep depression and even suicidal behavior, where you can’t climb the mountain of life because you are underground. Only three things can help you get out of this tunnel: Yourself, people you pay to take care of you, and media.

Underground Guide = My term for anyone who is paid to help those in the tunnel of pre-mortem, therapists and mental health counselors and experts in specific.

Dirty Narcissism = The popular worldview of narcissism. Dirty narcissists have unusually high self esteem, but also approach life with a high school mentality, constantly worrying about and protecting their social status.

Ethical Narcissism = Narcissistic qualities that are underlooked. Ethical Narcissists have self esteem levels on par (or sometimes greater) with dirty narcissists, only instead of approaching life with a high school mentality, they choose to be self aware of their surroundings. Ethical Narcissists know when to be high strung and when not to be.

Minimalism = Lifestyle that rejects the accumulation of most luxury goods, such as your own vehicle, PC, or TV.

Paying to Squat (PTS) = My term for squatting (living with someone without any signed agreements) and agreeing on how much should be compensated. Typically, those who PTS pay much less for a home than renters or buyers.

Digital Nomad = A person who has a location independent income who lives in different places frequently. Being a digital nomad is one of my goals.

“It’s Your Funeral” = One of my catchphrases. When I say this to someone, it means that I have no stake in any decision they are about to make.

DSR = Dating, Sex, and Relationships.

Quality Approach = Approaching someone with romantic intentions in a friendly, mature, and confident manner. A quality approach doesn’t possess approval seeking or propositions. Seeing someone at a bus stop, waiting no less than five seconds to approach them, looking them in the eye, asking them how they are, then asking them how long they have waited for the bus is an example of a quality approach.

Wimpy Approach = Approaching someone with romantic intentions in a manner that is friendly and mature, but either lacks confidence or is approval seeking. An empty complement or a lack of eye contact are examples of wimpy approaches. Waiting longer than five seconds to decide to approach someone after seeing them automatically makes your approach wimpy no matter what was delivered.

Stupid Approach = Approaching someone with romantic intentions in a manner that is either belligerent, approval seeking, forceful, contains a power move/proposition, or some combination of the four. Grabbing someone by the wrist, belligerently telling them how attractive they are, and then asking for their contact info is highly documented as a stupid approach, and is known as “catcalling.”

Empty Complement = Saying good things about someone that they have likely heard several times. Women can usually get away with this, but men usually cannot. Most complements are empty, and nearly all complements are approval seeking.

Greed = Mentality of DSR with short term relationships and mate acquisition in mind. Greedy individuals usually have several options/opportunities in DSR, usually deliver stupid approaches, and rarely deliver wimpy approaches. Both the greedy and the needy possess the ability to quality approach.

Need = Mentality of DSR with long term relationships and mate preservation in mind. Needy individuals usually have limited options/opportunities in DSR, usually deliver wimpy approaches, and rarely deliver stupid approaches. Both possess the ability to quality approach.

Flirting = In this context, playful physicality. Includes, but not limited to: Face-to-Face hug, playing with someone’s hair/clothes/jewelry, playful punching/shoving/poking.

Move = Physicality with moderate to major romantic intent. What many describe as flirting are actually moves. Includes, but not limited to: Side-by-side hug, kiss on the cheek, holding someone’s hand, touching someone’s erogenous areas.

Power move = Physicality with major to decisive romantic intent. When people talk about making moves, they are talking about power moves. Includes, but not limited to: Picking someone up (physically), kiss on the lips, grabbing or touching private areas, taking someone’s hand and placing it on your erogenous or private areas, dry humping. When someone makes a power move, they are nonverbally asking to have sex.

Let’s Play = Made popular in the late 2000s, placing narration over video game footage, either live or beforehand, for online viewing.

Speedrunning = Made popular in the early 2010s, finishing a video game as fast as possible. Includes several rules and categories.

Passive Entertainment = Indulging in media for the sake of it, without using it as a learning device. Most passive entertainment should be kept in the background while you work, or if necessary, used to lull you to sleep.

Active Entertainment = Indulging in media with hopes to learn something useful.

Crush Culture = Consensus that the opposite sex be placed high on a pedestal and overvalued, often displacing and intertwining greed and need levels. Someone who follows crush culture has very high greed and need levels. Followers of crush culture place great pressure on both themselves as well as their romantic interests, as they often see their romantic interests as a solitary source of happiness and success. Rape Culture, a concern for women’s movements, is a secondary effect of crush culture. Someone who has one solitary option or opportunity for romance is the epitome of crush culture.

Traditional Monogamy = Relationship type that is completely exclusive and revolves around romance over friendship. In most traditional monogamy, one person does favors for the other with sex and company being the medium of the transaction.

Toxic Friend Zone = Relationship type that is not exclusive (but could be), does not revolve around romance, and only in certain occasions revolves around friendships. In the toxic friend zone, one person does favors for the other with company being the medium of the transaction.

Enhanced Friend Zone = Relationship type where the only difference is sex/gender, but is otherwise identical to a normal friendship. Possibly can become a romantic relationship.

Friends with benefits = Relationship type that is not exclusive and revolves around sex over friendship. When a friend with benefits catches feelings, it can either turn into the toxic friend zone or traditional monogamy.

Open Relationship = Relationship type that is not exclusive and revolves around not only romance, but also friendship. Open Relationships are hardly ever transactional, and if they are, the favors performed are usually voluntary.

Value = Self created guideline that directs your thoughts and actions. Depending on the situation and the person, these can be compromised.

Principle = Self created rule that directs your thoughts and actions. These should not be compromised.

Belief/Worldview = Rationale for values and principles.

High School Mentality = Mentality that revolves around collective efforts (such as activism), social value, and impressing other people, especially the opposite sex, as a source of happiness.